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Goldman Sachs has been in the news recently for giving its clients the option to trade Bitcoin. Providing them a way to be exposed to the crypto market without having to purchase any coins. In this way, the clients can place wagers on the price of Bitcoin. Making it so they’re invested in the market without being directly invested in crypto.

Goldman has recently announced a partnership with Galaxy Digital that is aimed at expanding its trading activities. This move with Galaxy opens an avenue for Goldman Sachs to start trading bitcoin futures. The partnership was borne out of necessity…

The crypto world has been abuzz lately after El Salvador President Nayib Bukele at the Bitcoin conference held in Wynwood, Florida, on 5th June announced his plan for the country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador. The country adopted the dollar as its legal tender in 2001 and has been using it ever since, until now. The forward-looking President announced his plans for Bitcoin to be used alongside the US dollar, making it the first country to officially use Bitcoin as a legal currency.

There have been a lot of speculations about what this means for…

For a lot of people in the crypto space, the word DeFi isn’t new to them. You have come across it multiple times and may even have a very good idea of what it is and how it works. For some, while you know what the word means, you might not understand how exactly it works and why it’s needed. For a lot of beginners, this is uncharted territory and they have no idea what DeFi means and that is what this article is for.

For starters, DeFi means decentralized finance. It’s a blockchain-based form of finance that cuts out…

If you are one of these who got into cryptocurrencies early on you will remember that we all got in because of the privacy that is associated with the coins. You could send money to people across the world and not leave as much as a money trail. You could pay for services you do not want people to know about in the most clandestine way using bitcoin.

Recently, with the last bull of bitcoin and all of the crypto currencies, more attention has been paid to the coins by the government. In their quest for a way to find…

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