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3 min readJul 18, 2018


If you are one of these who got into cryptocurrencies early on you will remember that we all got in because of the privacy that is associated with the coins. You could send money to people across the world and not leave as much as a money trail. You could pay for services you do not want people to know about in the most clandestine way using bitcoin.

Recently, with the last bull of bitcoin and all of the crypto currencies, more attention has been paid to the coins by the government. In their quest for a way to find a way to track the transactions and tax the earnings from crypto investors, they started to require exchanges to have know your customer (KYC) processes. This has made the transactions with cryptocurrencies even less anonymous than they were as specific transactions can now be tracked to specific users thereby reducing the anonymity involved with using cryptos greatly.

In light of this, the need for better secure and private coins has grown greatly over the past few months. People are looking for the next best thing to keep their transactions hidden, not leaving a money trail to themselves, this is where PRiVCY-coin comes in. PRiVCY-coin is a privacy coin that is way ahead of its time, using TOR and more. One of the most interesting things about this coin is how it is being distributed, the airdrop process runs smoothly as the team behind the coin delivers the coins promised to the participant in the most efficient way, thereby doing something that most projects fail to do, which is keeping their promises.

This coin is not distributed in an ICO, this does not only increases the security of the coin, it also helps to increase trust in the coin as this decentralizes the value, preventing too much of an early adopter advantage where some rich people get a big part of the supply for much cheaper than the rest, this coin distributes equally. There is a lot to look forward to with this coin as there is a mobile wallet application which is scheduled to go into effect by next year. A quick look at the road map shows you that this is one project that is here to stay. With the demand for privacy coin increasing by the day, it is not a surprise that the airdrop became quite popular in the cryptosphere, it created a huge community with a very active Discord server. The strategic way in which the airdrop is carried out and not one week is missed goes to show how dedicated the team behind this coin are to the success of this project.

This coin was created to fulfill all of your anonymous coin dreams. Their aim as stated on their website is ‘Leaving no stone unturned, PRiVCY aims to be the leading, anonymous, private and secure coin development. In the name of anonymity and privacy, this is an ever growing project’. A self testifying statement that shows that this is not just going to be another coin that comes and goes, it is here to stay, here to make sure that your transactions stay anonymous.

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